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Help protect the life you love

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, insurance purchased for a rainy day could be needed any day.

We provide our customers with access to easy to understand, affordable policies for Hospital, Recovery and Death Benefit Plans. In 2023, we paid out £6.8 million in claims to our policyholders. These plans can be a financial safety net if you need to take time out of work to attend a hospital appointment, receive treatment, recover after a hospital stay, or even if the worst happens and you pass away. If you’re already a Personal Group policyholder and have any questions about your plans, just get in touch.


Hospital Plan

Payment for outpatient appointments, day surgery and for overnight hospital stays.

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Recovery Plan

Payment while you are signed off and recovering from hospitalisation or day patient surgery.

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Death Benefit Plan

Pays out a lump sum in the event of death from any illness, accident or injury, no matter what the cause.

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 Keep My Cover

Keep My Cover

Stay protected with Direct Debit

Usually, your insurance premiums are paid from your payroll which means that if you leave your current job or if your payroll deductions stop, your insurance plan will end. Once you register for Keep My Cover, if your payroll deduction stops, we will get in touch with you and move you onto your pre-agreed Direct Debit payments. Don’t worry, we won’t take any money from your account without getting in touch with you.

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